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Ruixue zhaofeng steel market snow boundless

2020-01-15 11:28:41
Although the first snow of the new year did not have the grand and magnificent feeling of “a sudden spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears blooming”, but as the snow kept falling, the steel plate market also accumulated a white snow. Today's weather is sleet, the temperature is 0-2 degrees Celsius, and there will be three different degrees of snow in the next week. Fellow fellows who have been in the steel plate market for a long time, we must pay attention to driving safety and keep our bodies warm.
The steel plate market is raining, and the warehouses are deep in snow. There is an old saying: Ruixue trillion years of snow brings auspiciousness and hope to this world. At the same time, it also brings inconvenience to our travel and work. In order to better serve customers and deliver goods to customers in a timely manner, Zherui Steel specially organizes staff to clean up snow on the road and around steel plates.
Finally, Zherui Steel will provide you with a few tips for snow removal. I hope it can help you.
The first trick: choose the right snow removal time. Generally, the best time for shoveling snow is within 24 hours after it is finished, so the snow has not been compacted by passersby and vehicles, and it is relatively easy to shove up. If it is not in the best time, it is recommended that the worst time is within 48 hours.
Second move: Change the snow removal tool. In addition to the general shovel thought of snow shoveling tools, there are also ice plows and large snow shovels for snow pushing. First, use the snow shoveling tool to shovel the snow off the ice, then use the pry to break the ice, and then use the big shovels to All these are pushed to the side of the road and you're done.
The third trick: Conditionally sprinkle some water. You can make the ice a little bit more, but it is not very useful and the cost is high. Do not use this trick as a last resort.
I met you in many steel markets. There was no early step, no late step, and I just met with Zherui Steel. I hope you will be happy in the future, you will be prosperous, and you will be the rest of your life-Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd.