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Zherui Steel specializes in the production and processing of wear-resistant steel

2020-08-03 16:01:38
Because of its high hardness, milling machine processing has special requirements than ordinary steel plate. When the surface hardness is below HRC50, special cemented carbide milling cutter can be selected, and special coating milling cutter should be selected when the HRC55 is about. Large area milling can be processed with ceramic blades, and CBN tools can also be used in finishing.
The surface hardness of the workpiece is below HRC50 and can be refined into several stages: below HRC32, high speed steel end milling cutter with coating can be selected, general cemented carbide milling cutter. HRC32~45, choose cemented carbide milling cutter with or without coating. HRC45~55, try to choose milling cutter with special coating.

Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd.

Because of the variety of milling cutters, most of the tool manufacturers have limited products, it is necessary to determine what milling cutters to use, whether end milling cutters, ball end milling cutters, surface milling cutters or others, and then determine the diameter range of milling cutters, allowable cutting conditions, machining requirements, and finally select tool manufacturers and products.
Zherui Steel as a collection of processing and production, industry and trade integrated enterprises. The processing process of wear-resistant plate strictly grasp the quality, long-term for domestic and foreign customers to provide a large number of high-quality processing products, deeply loved by customers. Because of its own processing plant, the first time according to customer standards to provide Welding,Bending,Punching,Cutting,Drilling,Milling and other Processing services to meet all aspects of customer needs.