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What is the open plate in the steel plate

2020-04-15 17:35:25
The steel plate classification includes many types of steel plates, among which there is a steel plate called an open plate, so what is an open plate? The following Zherui Steel for you to answer in detail.
The open plate is one of the steel plates, and it is also a more commonly used plate. The "open plate", as the name implies, is steel plate. When the flattening plate comes out of the steel factory, it is formed into coils, that is, steel strips. The flattened plate after these steel coils are flattened by a flattening machine is called a flattening plate. Opposite the open plate is the original plate. Original flat plate: It is in the form of a plate when it comes out of the steel mill, and is rolled to the size required by the national standard. It does not go through the rolling process to the plate, so the stability is relatively strong.
The disadvantage of the steel plate opening plate is that the internal stress level is high, so the dimensional stability is poor, that is, there will be a small rebound in the later stage of the process from the coil to the plate, but the actual application of the customer who does not avoid this is still quite high of. The advantages of steel plate opening plate: it can meet the requirements of customers to roll plates of different length specifications; the price is relatively cheap.
The advantages of the original tablet: better performance, the size is endorsed by national standards. The disadvantage of the original tablet is that the price is relatively high. For the actual life, the requirements for the use of steel plates are not so strict. Opening a flat plate is a better choice. Moreover, the flat plates of different manufacturers are also good or bad, mainly because the cracking and curling phenomena occur when the open tablet is not strict enough.
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