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What Do You Know About Q345NH Weathering Steel?

2019-09-28 13:53:11
Weathering steel is the abbreviation of atmospheric corrosion resistant steel and is a special low alloy high strength steel. As it is exposed to the air, the surface will gradually form a dense, continuous, good adhesion rust layer, and after a certain degree of corrosion, it will reach a stable state, thus functioning to isolate the corrosive medium in the air.
The standard grades of weathering steel are roughly divided into American Standard A588 weathering steel and Japanese standard SPA-H, national standard Q345NH and other standards. Corrosion-resistant structure Uses: Q235NH, Q355NH are used for corrosion-resistant structural parts such as vehicles, bridges, towers, and containers. Corrosive decorative use: A588 is used for rust decoration of garden landscape, door curtain wall, sculpture, etc.
Procurement should be noted that, in general, a large number of orders should be purchased in advance, because the production of weathering steel is not high, the stock of various specifications is not much, and the specifications are not uniform.