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5G Wisdom Bank opens, what changes will happen to the weathering steel market

2019-11-10 09:26:17
The only constant in this era is change. The 5G era officially kicked off on November 1st. When the 5G era is approaching, where should the steel industry going to? What changes will happen to the weathering steel market?
Just one of the five major banks, the Agricultural Bank of China suddenly announced that Shenzhen’s first “5G Wisdom Bank” officially opened its doors. The moment I stepped into the door, I was shocked completely: without a security guard, I realized accurate identification when I entered the door; instead of a lobby manager, I was replaced by a smart robot that smiled and talked; I couldn’t find a bank teller, instead of it was more efficient. Know the smart ATM you need; there is no one here, but more than 90% of the business can be handled easily; if in doubt, there will be professionals to provide you with a remote one-by-one "mobile banking" service.
Even this giant that has remained unchanged for decades has changed in the 5G era. What changes will happen to the steel plate market and weathering steel plates? I think this is also a topic of concern to the majority of steel and steel industry’s people. The small series is here for everyone to describe one by one (only for personal ideas):
First of all, there should be a weathering steel plate unmanned workshop, which will become the basic production and processing mode, and the labor cost will be greatly reduced. After the outbreak of the intelligent Internet in the future, the steel plate unmanned workshop will no longer be a pilot plant of a few enterprises, but a large one. The regular production mode of most weathering steel plate process manufacturers. The robot used for the processing of steel plates will become more and more refined and the volume will be smaller. Not only will the production efficiency increase rapidly, but the product quality will also be greatly improved.
Next, it should be a change in the sales model of weather-resistant steel. It will be more intuitive and convenient for consumers to obtain information on the steel plate market. It is not only the steel plate market, but also other industries. Customers can understand all of you without field visits by the way online. Weathering steel processing plants, steel storage bases, offices, to make better choices.
After the arrival of 5G, the smart city will exert its strength. This will make the management of the transportation industry more effective and convenient. The Wuxi viaduct event is likely to be eliminated, and the transportation cost of the steel plate steel industry will be reduced. In addition, in the future, with the strong support of the intelligent Internet of Things, big data will be fully utilized, all steel plates and steels are equipped with sensors, and logistics and distribution will be transparent.
Finally, customized production is popular, and end customers will enjoy better products and service. With the support of big data and Internet of Things, some steel plates are gradually transforming from mass production mode to personalized customization mode, weathering steel plate processing. The factory uses the Internet to provide customized platforms for customers, using big data to classify and count customer needs, cost and quantity of raw materials, inventory management, and cash flow control, and deploy sales strategies based on data.