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Weathering steel square full of ancient atmosphere

2020-02-26 11:40:09
This weathering steel plaza is a narrow and narrow and long area, ignored by two rows of high-rise buildings.  The main road connecting the entire valley is on the fourth side, and the weathering steel square building almost broke the rectangular shape, and olive groves on the other side of the river can be seen.  The shadow of weathering steel buildings gives the square a certain depth.
 The surface of the village looks like mud dried and cracked by the sun, just like "crushed stone" ceramics. The village is an open-air art museum, a huge life-size artwork.  The two-dimensional design achieved three dimensions, the lines increased depth, and the weathering steel floor became a surface bearing natural cracks in a natural order.  In contrast to the slope of the square, the flower beds are placed horizontally to widen and deepen the furrows and emphasize the depth of this simply visible surface.
 The designer filled the ground here with crack-like marks.  There are three bands on the corten steel plate, two of which are inconsistent with the slope of the square. Tree pits planted with small olive trees can clearly see the slope change from the side.  One is a seat that protrudes from the ground and is suitable for people of all ages.  The cost control of this weathering steel square restoration project is quite good. It chooses colors that are not easy to change and uses pedestrian-friendly materials such as decolorized asphalt, cement, corten steel plate, and gravel.
 The benches of this weathering steel square have become seats for people of all ages and different sizes.  The young olive tree is the main essence of this geographical area, sprouting from the cracks on the surface and forming another element, namely the play of volume.  Then they declared their presence on the long straight walk along the river bank.  The result is the goal of reducing costs while maintaining a square shape. It is a basic design that uses inferior materials (such as decolorized asphalt), has a grainy and inert color, is strong, durable and suitable for pedestrians and pedestrians.