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Weathering Steel Curtain Wall From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2020-11-18 08:58:04
Why so many designers like to use a weathering steel plate as a design material, corrosion resistant material is one of the reasons, another reason is that the aesthetic factors, the beauty of the nature of the weathering steel, rust red is a man-made natural color of nature, we usually have a sentence is the most beautiful, natural is in history, there are a lot of designers are promoting naturalistic design, weather resistance of natural embroidered color bright beautiful and not only as the change of time.
It is a representative material for industrial wind design and has a wide range of applications in architecture and landscape wall.
The color and strong weather resistance of weathering steel are the reasons for the designer's choice. The bright rust-red color at the beginning and gradually become historic with the passage of time, and the most important advantage of weathering steel is its excellent corrosion resistance. It is a perfect thing to express the modern industrial atmosphere of the space with weathering steel, extend the rich thickness of industrial culture, arouse and inspire the modern industrial aesthetic feeling of the building.
One of the reasons weathering steel is so widely used in building curtain walls is that its color changes over time, and because of this feature, weathering steel is called a time recorder. Some things we human beings are unable to contend, the cruelty of time is the past is the past, can not look back, also can not recover, can retain only the traces of time. Weathering steel can do this, so many designers use weathering steel to express their ideas.
When it comes to weathering steel curtain wall, we must also say the welding process of the lower curtain wall
At present, the weatherproof steel curtain wall (3MM) is similar to other external wall installation, and the thick layer (5MM or more) weatherproof steel curtain wall mostly adopts the mode of unit external hanging. Landscape and some simple devices, the use of direct welding technology. The following should be noted:

1.Corrosion of welding points: The oxidation rate of welding points must be the same as that of other materials, which requires special welding materials and techniques.
2.Corrosion by water: Weathering steel is not stainless steel. If there is water in the concave position of weathering steel, the corrosion rate will be very fast. Therefore, drainage must be done well.
3.Salt-rich air environment: Weathering steel is sensitive to salt-rich air environment such as Hawaii.In such an environment, the surface coating may be difficult to prevent further oxidation within.
4.Fading: Layers of rust on weathering steel may cause the surfaces around it to become rusty. 

Henan Zherui Steel Company can provide weathering steel (also known as rust steel plate, red rust steel plate) hollow carving, abnormal-shaped cutting, bending, rounding, punching, welding, rapid rust, surface curing treatment, can be made and installed according to customer drawings.