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Weathering Steel Bridge From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2021-02-19 14:50:43
Have you found a rusty bridge in your community or on your trip? From footbridges to highway Bridges, weather-resistant steel is often used to replace Bridges and is of good quality, creating a beautiful landscape. While traditional steel Bridges take advantage of the latest advances in automated manufacturing and construction technology to provide economical solutions, weathering steel Bridges offer additional benefits.
Advantages of using weathering steel in bridge construction
Weathering steel has practical advantages over other metals in structures exposed to elements such as Bridges.
1. Corrosion resistance of weathering steel: Due to its chemical composition, weathering steel forms protective copper rust, which can prevent corrosion in the appropriate environment. Corrosion rates are so low that a 120 year design life with minimal maintenance can be achieved from weather-resistant steel not painted on the bridge.
2. It blends well in the outdoor environment: the unpainted exterior of weathering steel blends well in gardens, backyards, parks and other outdoor environments that require Bridges. At first, the weathered steel Bridges look tan, but as the verdigris begins to form, the color improves to a darker brown with age.
3. Eliminates the need for on-site painting: By eliminating the need for on-site painting operation, the use of weathering steel in bridge construction reduces the construction time.
4. Minimal maintenance required: Periodic inspection and cleaning should be the only maintenance to ensure that the weathering steel structure continues to perform well. This characteristic makes weathering steel an ideal choice for Bridges where traffic is difficult and interference needs to be minimized.
It is a cost-effective alternative: minimal maintenance requirements and a pain-free approach greatly reduce the cost of building Bridges. In fact, the cost of using weathering steel for bridge construction is about 5% lower than using conventional painted steel.
All in all, weathering steel has a good record. A study by TRL suggests that Bridges built with weathering steel have continued to perform well over the past 20 years.
Bridge building products
ASTM A847 hollow sections are generally recommended for bridge and railing applications. For hollow sections, the same work can be done with less steel. ASTM A847 is usually used in conjunction with lamp posts, utility poles, marker supports, and buildings for bridge applications. Weathering steel is available in a variety of sizes in high strength, corrosion resistant steel tubes
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