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Shagang, which specializes in making weathering steel, wear-resistant steel plate, etc.

2019-09-23 18:11:56
"Metallurgical Powerful Country Dream Story Meeting" will be held in Shagang, which specializes in weatherproof steel and wear-resistant steel plates. Shen Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shagang Group, Managing Executive Director of the Board of Directors, Chairman of Limited Company, Xu Li, General Manager of the 20th Metallurgical Group of China, Zhang Gangyu, Vice General Manager of the 20th Metallurgical Group of China, Xiong Pengguang, General Manager and Feng Xiaojing, Deputy Secretary of the 20th Metallurgical Construction Company of Shanghai 20th Metallurgical Group of China, attended the meeting. Discussion. At the scene of Shagang Story Fair, 11 SMEs participating in Shagang's construction, such as China Smelter Construction Research Institute, Zhongye Beijing City, Zhongye South, Zhongye Coke Resistance, Zhongye Huatian, Zhongye North, China Yiye, China Wuye, Zhongye Tiangong, Shanghai Baoye, China Twenty Smelters, closely revolve around the theme of "never forget the beginning, remember the mission" Activities, brilliant and vivid, voice and lush narrated three generations of Zhongye people hard work, hard work and progress, to overcome road difficulties, "one day is not delayed, one day is not slack", helped Shagang to jump into the top 500 enterprises in one fell swoop, fully demonstrating the responsibility of Zhongye Group as a "metallurgical construction national team" Mission and responsibility.