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Wear-resistant steel products reach international leading level

2019-10-10 15:21:53
From 2011, Hualing Handan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. began research and development of wear-resistant steel products. Through the cooperation of industry, university and research institute, it broke through the key production technologies of smelting, rolling and heat treatment of NM300-NM6007 grade new steel grade and 2-25.4mm thickness specification steel plate. Realize industrialization. Cooperate with CITIC Metal Co., Ltd. and Henan Juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd. to provide customers with integrated solutions for steel sheet, bending, welding and cutting, including steel base materials, welding materials and processes, molding and A series of intellectual property rights and normative standards such as processing methods.
The ultra-thin wear-resistant steel plate developed by the project has reached the international leading level in terms of product specifications, low-temperature toughness and formability of steel plates. Realize the 180°cold-bending forming of NM300-NM500 steel plate and the application of -60°C low temperature condition. The wear resistance of super wear-resistant steel reaches 1.3-2.0 times of the same martensitic wear-resistant steel of the same hardness level; achieve the thinnest 2mm wear resistance The stable production of steel breaks through the international limit of the thickness of 3mm wear-resistant steel plate, and solves the problem of cohesiveness, wear resistance, weldability and high flatness of ultra-thin wear-resistant steel plate. The super wear-resistant steel plate based on super-hard TiC particles is used for mass production.
The project has high technical maturity, stable production indicators in the batch production process, and has been applied in major projects at home and abroad, and the technology reproducibility is good. The key technologies and products of the ultra-thin series of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates developed by the project have a market share of more than 70% in the market for self-dumping trucks. The wear-resistant steel products of the series dump trucks have excellent performance and stable quality. The domestic and international dump truck manufacturers have won unanimous praise and won the second-year market development award of the China Steel Association in 2018. It has a leading position in the domestic market and has a leading and demonstrating role in the production of extremely thin wear-resistant steel sheets and the weight reduction of dump trucks.