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Trial Production Of The First Batch Of Q390 Low Alloy High Strength Steel

2019-10-08 14:48:27
In order to further enrich the variety of company's sheet products, seize the market opportunities and improve the efficiency of sheet metal. Recently, Fangda Jiugang Steelmaking Plant and Technical Center discussed and reviewed the production process plan of Q390 low-alloy high-strength steel, and formulated the first-round trial production plan for the steel.
Recently, the plant carried out the first round of production of the two grades of Q390B and Q390BZ15 in the steel grade. In order to further understand the problems in the production process and the difficulties in smelting, the factory arranged professional and technical personnel to carry out all-round tracking of the production process, determine the key process points of the steel in the production, and successfully complete the first-round trial production plan. Through the first-round trial production of the steel, the plant found that the manganese content of the steel is high, and the casting temperature of the converter is high. It is necessary to further increase the tapping temperature of the converter, and create favorable conditions for subsequent refining to remove inclusions. Products improve the company's market share.