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Today's steel market price forecast

2019-10-30 15:29:25
Today, the price of ordinary carbon steel plate has risen sharply. Among them, the price of steel plate in the northern region, southern China and the western region has increased greatly, and the North China region has also increased by about 50 yuan/ton. Although billet prices have declined after the weekend's rise, the overall price level of Zhengzhou Steel is still relatively high. Due to the sharp increase in the production cost of the steel plate factory, the price of the steel plate was also greatly increased last week.
First of all, from the regional situation, the northern region has not changed the situation of sluggish transactions. The trading volume in North China and East China is relatively recovering. Taking into account the central bank's policy, it should be said that the overall performance of the capital market is still depressing. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious about the overall performance of the futures market. It is recommended that in the process of gradually pushing up the price of steel plates, it is recommended to properly ship at a high level, and it is necessary to alert the risk of recurrence in the middle and late stages.
At present, steel mill inventory and port iron ore stocks are at historically high levels, and overall iron ore supply tends to be loose. However, steel companies are more aggressive in buying imported ore, which will keep the price of imported ore at a high level.