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Three welding processes of Zherui Steel wear resistant steel

2020-08-11 15:22:11
Common wear resistant steel grades are: weartuf400, weartuf450, Hardox500 and Hardox550, Hardox600.
Imported Swedish steel: Hardox400, Hardox450, Hardox500 and Hardox550, weartuf400, weartuf450, weartuf500, etc.
The welding of Zherui Steel wear-resistant plates uses three different welding methods: manual arc welding, submerged arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding.
Key points of welding process:
(1) Take preheating measures before welding to ensure that the preheating temperature of the steel plate is ≥200℃.
(2) Zherui Steel wear-resistant plates should be cleaned of grooves and oil, rust and other dirt within 30-50 mm from both sides of the grooves before welding.
(3) It is recommended to use low-hydrogen and ultra-low-hydrogen welding materials for welding materials. For CO2 welding, solid wire is recommended. Low-strength welding materials are not prone to low-temperature cracking (hydrogen-induced cracking).
(4) The manual arc welding electrode shall be dried at 350 ℃. After the drying temperature is reached, keep it for 1 to 2 hours, and take it as needed.
(5) During the welding process, control the temperature between welding layers ≥200℃.
(6) After welding, use asbestos insulation for the weld of the wear-resistant plate to cool it slowly.
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