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The sports center is made of this steel plate

2020-02-14 08:48:41
Zhengzhou Sports Olympic Center, in front of this huge building, is not crowded at all, so what is this building used to build?
 In this project construction, Hegang Wugang participated in the production of 5,000 tons of steel plates.  This high-rise high-rise building supports the core load-bearing parts such as the steel structure pillars of Zhengzhou Sports Olympic Center with 5000 tons of steel plates.
 According to the particularity of the building, the production process of steel plates and steels is complicated, and the technical standards for the thickness of steel plates are more stringent. Hegang Wugang optimized the production process of steel plates and adjusted the node of the process of making steel plates according to the delivery deadline. The first is to ensure the quality of steel plates.  Second, it was also completed in excess of the required date.  Therefore, it won the trust of customers, and then delivered the remaining steel plate orders to production and the first-level agents of many large steel mills in Zherui Steel.
 The steel plate used in the Sports Olympic Center this time is Q460, which is a low-alloy high-strength steel. It will deform only when the strength reaches 460 MPa. This strength is stronger than ordinary steel plates and the processing of steel plates is also very difficult.  .  This is the first time in China that a steel plate of the Q460 specification has been used in a building structure; the thickness of the steel plate used this time has reached 110 mm, which is unprecedented. In China's national standards, the maximum thickness of the Q460 is only 100 mm.  Previously, this steel was generally imported from Luxembourg, South Korea, and Japan.
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