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The shipbuilding industry and the steel industry are a community of destiny

2020-01-16 17:12:50
On the afternoon of January 11th, the steel industry chain cooperation and development report meeting was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Lei Fanpei, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Shipbuilding Corporation, made a report entitled "Innovation, Cooperation and Win-Win" Said that the shipbuilding industry and the steel industry should cooperate to build an industrial ecosystem to achieve a win-win development.
China Shipping Group has the world's largest shipbuilding capacity. In 2019, new orders and handheld orders reached 21.5% of the world. Lei Fanpei said that the shipbuilding industry and the steel industry are upstream and downstream industries. In terms of industrial characteristics, both are cyclical industries. To a certain extent, both parties are a community of destiny.
Lei Fanpei said that the shipbuilding industry and the steel industry industry chain are highly integrated, and the linkage and integrated development of shipbuilding and the steel industry is an international practice and general trend; the concentration of the steel industry, the shipping industry and the shipping industry has continued to increase. The effect is more prominent; achieving the joint development of upstream and downstream industries has become an important measure to further establish and enhance competitive advantages in the development of the industry.
"To achieve a win-win development for the shipbuilding industry and the steel industry, we must strengthen strategic investment cooperation, promote joint research on technology, and create a mutually beneficial pattern." Support, help each other, and jointly meet challenges, build a close and dynamic industry chain and ecological circle between the two sides of the industry, provide a strong support for common development, and lay a good foundation for the next step to achieve greater development. "
Lei Fanpei stated that China Shipbuilding Group is willing to work with steel industry companies to make the shipbuilding and steel industry chain and ecosystem more dynamic and creative, advance the cooperation between the two parties to a new height, and continue to write a new chapter.