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The original Q345qE bridge steel plate has such a large role in the project!

2019-11-25 14:09:50
There are many types of steel plates, and there are Q345R boiler plates, Q345NH weathering plates, S355JR high-strength plates, and Q345qE bridge plates depending on the application. Today we will take a look at the application of the Q345qE bridge steel plate in the bridge construction project.
One of the functions of the steel plate in the bridge construction project is the reinforcement effect, which is why the Q345qE bridge steel plate is a high-strength steel plate, which is relatively strong. A commonly used reinforcement method is the sticking steel plate reinforcement method.
The method of reinforcing the steel plate is to use an epoxy resin adhesive to adhere the steel plate to the weak part of the tension zone of the reinforced concrete structure, and form a whole with the structure instead of the steel to be added. Through the joint action of the steel plate and the reinforcing structure, the rigidity of the steel plate is improved, the development of the crack is limited, and a reinforcement method for the stress state of the steel bar and the concrete is improved.
This kind of advantage is probably advanced in technology and good in performance. The space occupied by the Q345qE bridge steel plate is relatively small, so it does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the reinforcement. It takes only one to two days from the construction to the reinforcement of the Q345qE bridge steel plate. Under the consumption comparison, the Q345qE bridge steel plate can be attached to the component part according to the amount required for calculation.
In summary, this is the application of Q345qE bridge steel plate in the bridge construction project. Zherui Steel supplies high quality Q345qE bridge steel plate all the year round, and has already supplied many government engineering projects, which has facilitated many projects.