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The important role of A573 Gr.58 pressure vessel plate

2019-10-22 16:45:16
After years of development, China's high-end pressure vessel equipment industry has achieved major technological development results. Among them, the main production equipments for gasification conversion, purification, synthesis, separation, etc. involved in the production of various fields, as well as the required key materials, such as A573 Gr.58 pressure vessel plates, have reached the international advanced level, and developed countries. The gap is getting smaller and smaller, whether raw materials or technology are basically free from dependence on imports. At present, reducing the procurement cost of raw materials such as pressure vessel plates and improving production technology are common issues in the industry.
The pressure vessel is generally welded by a pressure vessel plate such as stainless steel, carbon steel or carbon steel lining stainless steel, and the container body is composed of a main body such as a cylinder body, a sealing head, a sealing member, an opening, a support, and the like, and thus the pressure vessel plate The use is very extensive.
 It is a raw material that plays an important role in various fields of pillar economy such as petrochemicals, coal-fired energy equipment, nuclear power equipment, special materials and fire protection. The special nature of the pressure vessel is prone to explosion and fire, which endangers the safety of personnel, equipment and property, and even causes air pollution accidents. All countries in the world have listed it as a key regulatory object, and they are guaranteed to ensure their safe production.