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The Forming Process Of Weathering Steel From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2020-10-18 08:58:04
Iron and steel corrosion is a natural state of the material itself, very consistent with the principle of authenticity of artistic expression, as time passes, steel has become the material of modern landscape plastic art design. After the rust of ordinary steel, it will gradually corroded and aged until damaged. The appearance of weathering steel makes designers have the opportunity to make full use of the rust form of steel in plastic art creation to express.
Cui Qingwei, a PhD student from the Department of Landscape Architecture, Tsinghua University, who has done a lot of research on the application of this material in the practice of landscape architecture, said that in modern landscape architecture, the choice of materials is influenced by many conditions such as project attributes, site conditions, designer preference, cost and consumption. From the point of view of the material itself, each material language has its own unique expression and spiritual connotation.
In different design contexts, rusted steel is often used as a synonym for the industrial era, a visual expression of the concept of time, and a label for science, technology and cultural creativity.
Weathering steel will change with time, and its color is greatly affected by the environment and climate. After being placed for a long time, it is easy to change from bright reddish-brown to dark brown. With the aging of time, weathering steel full of beauty has a unique color and texture.