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The factors that affect the price of hot rolled coil

2019-12-05 10:23:53
Hot-rolled coils are mainly divided into medium-thick steel plates, hot-rolled thin wide strips, and hot-rolled thin plates. Among them, medium-thick steel plates account for the largest proportion, accounting for about two-thirds of the total number of hot-rolled coils.
At present, the annual production capacity of hot rolled coils in China is about 250 million tons. Among them, North China is the largest hot-rolled coil production area in China, with an annual output of 10.398.5 million tons, accounting for 42% of the total domestic production capacity.
The major steel mills producing hot rolled coils in China mainly include Anshan Iron and Steel, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, etc., and local traders and distributors directly supplied by these large steel mills. The ex-factory prices of these steel mills directly affect the prices of hot rolled coils. Since these large steel mills account for more than 5% of the national steel mill's production capacity, their price adjustment policies have a very clear guiding role for other steel mills and markets.
In addition, another important factor affecting the price change of hot rolled coils is the contradiction between supply and demand. Under the influence of supply and demand, the price changes of hot rolled coils mainly depend on profits and inventory. The relationship between supply and demand directly determines the price trend of hot rolled coils. This point, I think everyone has a deeper experience recently.
And recently, several major steel products have experienced a shortage of stock, which has caused steel products to usher in a new wave of price increases after bidding farewell to the traditional peak season of gold, silver and silver. In fact, before 2008, the supply capacity of hot rolled coils on the market was very limited. Supply and demand are extremely imbalanced, so the market price of HRC is generally higher than other types of steel.
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