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The end of the 21st century Iron Man rushed to the post-80s

2020-02-18 18:26:08
 Now it is February 2020. The 21st century has passed, and the Iron Man from the 80s ran to the fourth. CCTV host Kang Hui cheered the 80s. "No middle age, you are just on the road".
 The post-80s iron and steel man has also worked hard in the steel plate and steel industry for more than 10 years and has worked for the steel industry for more than 10 years in his golden age. Here, the Henan steel plate manufacturer-Henan Zherui Steel Trade Co., Ltd.  With respect and respect, the editor has just entered the steel plate industry and found that the steel industry in Henan Anyang is more competitive than other industries.
 Zherui Steel has been focusing on quality steel plate sales and steel plate processing for decades.It has cooperated with large steel mills such as Angang, Handan Iron and Steel and Tiangang for many years. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are guaranteed, and our company has rough rolling and finishing rolling mills.  The two programs of the two-school flat open flat plate, the flatness of the steel plate is high.  Zherui Steel has a good service attitude. It takes the customer as the center and considers the problem from the perspective of the customer. The customer is anxious and thinks what the customer thinks. It has served more than 10,000 customers for decades.
 Zherui Steel has stock warehouses with various specifications and thickness of steel plates.  For the company's warehouse employees, they should be result-oriented when working. For example, the driver pulls the steel plate. For them, they load the complete steel plate into the car and let the driver deliver the goods to the customer as quickly as possible.  Serve customers wholeheartedly, and think and solve problems from the perspective of customers.
 If you don't have a suitable steel plate manufacturer option at present, you may come to Zherui Steel for consultation.  Zherui Steel has many types of steel plates, many stocks and good prices.  We are always looking forward to your visit!