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The double eleven "shopping cart" is overloaded, and the "drawing truck" of the

2019-11-12 09:17:10
It’s already on November 11th. Have you already added your favorite shopping cart early, just wait for zero to empty your shopping cart? “Double Eleven” is the most popular promotion activity of e-commerce. Since its establishment, the turnover has reached record highs, and it also brings the peak of business in the express delivery industry within one year. During the double eleventh period, whether the logistics will increase the price will not be known, but the transportation price of the steel plate industry has increased by 30%-50%!
As we all know, in recent years, strict investigation of the overload of steel plate transport vehicles has undoubtedly become one of the hottest topics in the steel plate industry. The nationwide traffic rectification activities are also being carried out successively. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Henan, Liaoning and other places have all been introduced. The corresponding transportation policy.
Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd. has been rooted in the steel industry for several years and is not sensitive to the dynamics of the steel market. Among them, the steel plate industry is closely related to logistics and transportation. Steel plates are used as mass goods, and freight is also a small expense. Especially for customers who are far away, it is necessary to consider the transportation cost of steel plates.
It is understood that in the Shanghai steel plate market, 190 tons of steel plates should be added to the past three times to complete the transportation. The increase in the transportation cost of the steel plate leads to an increase in the circulation cost, which is conducive to raising the spot price of the steel plate. However, it will also have unfavorable factors. At present, it is still in the peak season of steel consumption. The reduction of vehicle transportation efficiency is likely to lead to the illusion that steel consumption is not ideal. From the perspective of the entire logistics and terminal consumption, since the steel plate transportation cost is relatively small compared with the steel plate price, the impact on the overall steel plate price is still very limited, so users do not need to worry too much.
Undoubtedly, since the investigation of the overload management of steel plate transportation has been carried out, the logistics cost has also increased, and the profits of the entire logistics industry have decreased. So who will eventually pay for the lost profits? When the logistics cost rises sharply, the logistics company will raise the asking price.
Therefore, the cost of the steel plate manufacturers to the logistics company will increase, and the cost of the steel plate manufacturers and suppliers is likely to collectively increase the ex-factory price of the steel plate. The rise in steel plate prices will inevitably affect downstream industries and will be transmitted to final consumer goods.