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Strictly controlling the excessive increase of production capacity in the steel industry

2020-01-16 16:59:50
On January 11, the Sixth Member Conference of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association was held in Beijing. Shen Bin, Chairman of Shagang Group Corporation, will become the rotating chairman in 2020.
At the meeting, Gao Xiangming, the rotating chairman of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association in 2019, said that in the past five years, the achievements of the steel industry mainly include six aspects: one is the success of reducing production capacity and the industry has continued to run smoothly; the other is to promote ultra-low emissions Transformation, the industry's green development level has been greatly improved; third, breakthroughs have been made in mergers and reorganizations, and the industrial organization structure has been further optimized; fourth, the steel industry has vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry has been strengthened; fifth, "going global" has blossomed, and internationalization has improved Sixth is the high-quality development of human resources in the industry.
Gao Xiangming said that the steel industry should focus on seven areas of work in 2020: first, unify thinking, guide expectations, and maintain the smooth operation of the industry; second, consolidate the results of supply-side structural reforms, and prohibit new capacity; third, promote differentiated environmental protection Limit production and “peak-peak production” to accelerate ultra-low-emissions transformation; Fourth, actively promote corporate mergers and reorganizations, and increase industrial concentration; Fifth, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation; sixth, establish and implement a strategy for safeguarding steel raw materials; seventh, comprehensively strengthen the party Building.
Shen Bin said that we must work together to promote the more stable operation of the industry. "More stable operation" is reflected in the product side. It is necessary to strictly control the excessive increase in production capacity and to make a fuss about preventing new excess capacity. At the same time, it is also reflected in the raw material side, that is, iron ore (661,1.00,0.15%). For stable operation, we must form a synergy in resisting monopoly and speculation and improving transaction transparency, and promote the further improvement of the trade mechanism.