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Steel market analysis | steel plate prices are expected to rise

2019-11-04 09:46:07
November has arrived and market asset pressures are evident. Many merchants mainly sell their profits. In addition, environmental protection restrictions have been relaxed. Spot prices are still under pressure. However, considering that steel mills are not willing to fall sharply, it is expected that the price fluctuation of Zhengzhou steel plate in the mainstream market this week will be relatively weak, stable but weaker level of 20-40 yuan / ton.
Henan Province will implement the low-carbon environmental protection production and dispatching rules and regulations, differentiate the manufacturing enterprises, strictly prohibit air pollution control "one size fits all", and strengthen measures to prevent and solve heavy pollution.
As far as the carbon steel plate is concerned, it is weakly adjusted. The spiral flow in the black period inhibited the operating mood of the Zhengzhou steel plate market. The season is coming to an end. The short-term domestic steel supply is smoothly consolidated, the downstream demand is slow to follow up, the overall investment atmosphere is refreshing, and the cost of raw material fabrics is supported. It is expected that the plate will be sideways this week. sort out.
If the steel plate is used, it will be stable. Continuous decline, steel plate manufacturers fell sharply, steel mills' purchases gradually fell from high points, and scrap base stocks began to decrease again. At present, steel mills generally do not receive goods. More profitable, directly stop production inspections, limit production, this week, steel prices are mainly stable, and are expected to rise individually.