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Wuhan No. 1 Steel Plate Blast Furnace Shut Down

2019-10-16 16:10:17
At 10 o'clock on October 14, 2019, Liu An, secretary of the WISCO's limited party committee and executive director, issued a shutdown order. With the successful completion of the last furnace, the No. 1 blast furnace of WISCO successfully completed its historical mission and retired. After the shutdown, the No. 1 steel blast furnace will be retained as a national industrial heritage as a whole, opening a new chapter.
The blast furnace has a volume of 1,386 cubic meters and produces more than 2,000 tons of iron per day. The annual output can reach 750,000 tons, which is more than 500 tons higher than the average daily output of the British No. 4 blast furnace, which is known as the "largest blast furnace in Western Europe". Its production level and technical level are world-class.
Today, in order to actively respond to the country's requirements for the transformation and development of the steel industry, in order to implement China Baowu's industrial deployment, and to build a more leading quality steel base, the No. 1 blast furnace that has exceeded the national industrial revitalization mission will be honorably retired. With the economic wealth she created, she paved a solid road to national rejuvenation and wrote a new chapter of the era.