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Steel market analysis,steel prices are expected to rise

2019-10-29 15:32:47
Influencing factors of price, Henan Province will implement the low-carbon environmental protection production scheduling rules and regulations, differentiate the manufacturing enterprises, strictly prohibit air pollution control "one size fits all", and strengthen measures to prevent and solve heavy pollution.
There is also the determination of the Federal Reserve’s deposit rate next Thursday. Due to the weak performance of the US durable goods market data, the market's expectation of economic downturn is more stable. At the same time, Trump once again accused the Fed of cutting interest rates too slowly, increasing expectations for a rate cut next week. If interest rate cuts are expected to be implemented, it will have a greater impact on the market and will require great attention.
Hot rolled coils, the shock is weak. With Sino-US trade negotiations, heavy economic data, environmental regulation measures, and the Brexit process, the market has entered a relatively slow period, the season is coming to an end, and demand is becoming normal. It is expected that the hot-rolled steel market will be narrow this week. The amplitude vibration will be weakened.
About the plate, the adjustment is weak. The spiral flow in the black period inhibited the operating mood of the steel plate market. The season is coming to an end. The short-term domestic steel supply is smoothly consolidated, the downstream demand is slow to follow up, the overall investment atmosphere is refreshing, and the cost of raw material fabrics is supported. It is expected that the plate will be sideways this week.
Steel plate, mainly for stability. Continuous decline, steel plate manufacturers fell sharply, steel mills' purchases gradually fell from high points, and scrap base stocks began to decrease again. At present, steel mills generally do not receive goods. More profitable, directly stop production inspections, limit production, this week, steel prices are mainly stable, and are expected to rise individually.