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Steel cutting, we are serious

2020-04-10 14:50:58
Zhang Ruimin, president of Haier Group, has a famous saying: It is not easy to do every simple thing, and it is not ordinary to do every ordinary thing. For those engaged in the steel plate processing industry, although steel plate cutting is a basic operation, it is not easy to do fine work. Today's plate manufacturers will specifically explain how to do it To achieve the best cutting results!
Generally speaking, it is best to use flame cutting when cutting medium and thick plates. First of all, if you want to achieve a good cutting effect, the angle between the cutting tip and the cutting piece is very important, it affects the cutting speed and the amount of back drag. The angle of inclination during cutting is determined by the thickness of the workpiece. If the thickness of the workpiece is less than 30mm, the inclination angle is 20 to 30 degrees; if the thickness of the workpiece is greater than 30mm, the inclination angle is 5 to 10 degrees.
Secondly, the cutting angle is different from the vertical cutting, so the requirements on the thickness of the perforation are also different. In the actual operation process, it is necessary to preheat the cutting machine, the preheating temperature, and the flame power, including acetylene. And the flow rate of oxygen, etc., must increase as the thickness of the steel plate increases. If the cutting nozzle uses a diffuser and an oxygen curtain, the flame power should be greater when cutting steel plates below 20mm to speed up the cutting speed.
In addition, when cutting thicker plates, a mild carbonized flame should be used to avoid the collapse of the upper edge of the cut. If the carbon content or alloy composition of the steel is relatively high, the flame power used will be greater.
Finally, when using gas for cutting, the flame should be adjusted to an oxidized flame first, and then adjusted to a neutral flame after cutting, so as to improve the cutting efficiency of medium and thick plates.
Well, that's all for today's sharing, I hope the above sharing can help everyone. Zherui Steel has many years of experience in sales and cutting of steel plates of various materials. If you need, please contact our online customer service, we believe: with your suggestions and help, we will do better.