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Jiugang 2205 duplex stainless steel for polar cruises

2019-10-22 16:34:26
Recently, the first polar expedition cruise ship in the history of Chinese shipbuilding manufactured by China Merchants Industrial Group was officially named and delivered at the Haimen Base in Jiangsu. The cruise ship applied 2205 duplex stainless steel produced by Jiugang Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch.
Compared to ordinary cruise ships, Polar Adventure Cruises typically have smaller tonnages and passenger loads, higher safety and comfort requirements, and a certain level of ice resistance. Duplex stainless steel used on polar cruises requires high surface quality in addition to good corrosion resistance, mechanics and welding.
The customer has strict requirements for the batch of products, and all production processes need to be filed on the client side. At the same time, Jiuquan Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch also needs to accept the customer's selective on-site supervision. In the product inspection, the customer is fully supervised.
In order to ensure that the batch of products will be delivered to customers on time and in good quality, Jiuquan Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch will set up a professional team to conduct the order review, formulate production plan, organize production, product quality inspection at each stage, and finally send the product to customers. Process control. In the end, all the batches of the products were successfully rolled at one time, and the quality was 100% qualified. It fully met the performance requirements of the French classification society and won the praise of customers. It is understood that Jiuquan Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch will also supply the second domestic polar cruise.