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"Made In China" Double-arm Concrete Wet Spray Machine Came Out

2019-09-19 19:17:12
According to the China News Service, at the "2019 Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition", the dual-arm concrete wet spray machine independently developed by China was unveiled. This dual-arm concrete wet spray machine is used for tunnel support operations such as railways and highways. The jetting speed is 50 cubic meters per hour, which is equivalent to filling a swimming pool in 25 hours.
In design, the dual-pumping, double-arm, and double-additive pump structures are used for the first time. Under normal circumstances, the two injection arms work simultaneously. When one arm is blocked, the other arm does not affect the normal operation of the other arm. The injection efficiency reduces the downtime caused by equipment failure and pipe plugging. Liu Jinshu, deputy director of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group Special Equipment Research and Design Institute, said that the development of dual-arm wet spray machines is the first in the world.