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Sharing the identification method and reason of fake steel

2020-04-28 15:16:40
Steel has an irreplaceable role in many projects, especially in building construction, bridge cofferdams, road construction, foundation pit support, garden engineering, excavator paving, subgrade engineering and other projects. Therefore, the quality of steel can not be ignored, so how should customers identify the true and false of steel when choosing steel? Today, Zherui steel manufacturers will specifically introduce the specific performance and causes of inferior steel.
The appearance of shoddy steel is often numb. The pitted surface is the irregular irregularity of the steel surface due to the serious wear of the rolling groove. Due to the inferior steel producers' pursuit of profit, rolling grooves often exceed the standard. Fake steel surface is prone to scars. The reason is that the material of the fake and inferior steel is uneven, and there are many impurities; there is also the equipment of the fake and inferior steel manufacturers, which is easy to stick to the steel, and these impurities are prone to scars after biting the roller.
The surface of the inferior and inferior steel is prone to cracks, because its billet is adobe, which has many pores, and the adobe is cracked due to thermal stress during the cooling process, and it has cracks after rolling. Inferior and inferior steel is easy to be scratched because the equipment of the inferior and inferior material manufacturers is simple and easy to produce burrs, which can scratch the surface of the steel, and deep scratches reduce the strength of the steel.
The shoddy steel has no metallic luster, and is light red or a color similar to pig iron. There are two reasons for this. Its billet is adobe. The temperature of rolling inferior and inferior materials is not standard, and their steel temperature is visually checked, so that the rolling cannot be performed in the specified austenite area, and the performance of the steel cannot naturally meet the standards.
I hope that the above sharing will be helpful for you to purchase steel in the future. If you really want to avoid this kind of problem, I suggest you go to Zherui Iron and Steel to buy and process steel.

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