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Several common steel plate price constraints

2020-02-10 09:33:32
Why are steel plate prices rising?  How long can it go up?  Where is the future direction of the steel plate market?
The cyclical fluctuation of steel plate prices is a comprehensive reflection of the market cycle of the steel industry. It is the result of the chain effect of price-benefit-investment-capacity-supply-demand relationship.  In general, the following factors affect the changes in steel plate prices: first, production costs, which are the basis for steel plate price changes; second, supply and demand, which are the key factors affecting steel plate price changes; and third, the market system, which is defective  The market system may magnify the imbalance between supply and demand, causing large fluctuations in prices.
 In general, the price of steel plates is mainly affected by the following factors: first is the state of macroeconomic operations and the main indicators of the country.  The state needs to control the direction.  The second is the general trend of the international steel plate market, the number and price of imports and exports, and the state's related policies on imports and exports.
 Next is the general trend and trend of the national steel plate market.  There is also the general trend of the leading city market where steel plates are located.  We also need to look at the economic operating situation of the steel plate industry: macro-control policies, important internal decision-making within the industry, the industry's development situation and demand.
 The trend of steel plate prices in major surrounding cities should also be paid attention to in time.  For example, factors existing in steel mills include changes in ex-factory prices, cost changes, inventory, maintenance, and production scheduling.  Factors considered by dealers, psychological expectations, future generations' forecast, capital turnover, inventory, and arrival of resources.  Finally, there are factors existing in the end user, psychological expectations, resource reserves, predictions for the market outlook, and rigid demand.  Transient factors: transportation conditions, weather conditions, seasonal effects, local area characteristics, etc.
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