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Selection of Shipbuilding Steel

2020-01-18 15:05:52
Shipbuilding steel materials usually choose LR shipbuilding steel, BV shipbuilding steel, ABS shipbuilding steel, etc.
The structural steels used in the hull are classified as general strength structural steels and high strength structural steels according to their minimum yield points.T
he general strength structural steel according to the standards of China classification society is divided into four quality grades: A, B, C and D (namely CCSA, CCSB, CCSC and CCSD);The high strength structural steel of China classification society is three strength grades and four quality grades.
The production technology of shipbuilding steel sheet from high carbon single element, low carbon multi-element, to micro-alloying and composite micro-alloying.T
he development from low strength grade to high strength grade and ultra high strength grade requires good low temperature impact toughness and low brittle transition temperature of shipbuilding steel sheet, therefore, there are requirements for aluminum content and micro-alloying of high strength ship plate.