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See how the new wear-resistant steel army expands the city

2019-10-28 16:55:31
Luo Jungao, technician of Hegang Steel Medium Plate Plant, and Zhang Weipan, technical director of Technology Center, received an urgent task - to meet the demand of a well-known enterprise in Shandong, to produce the ultimate thin dump truck wear-resistant steel NM400-HDG products. Due to tight time, urgent tasks and difficult production, Zhang Weipan immediately contacted Liu Hongyan, the person in charge of the wear-resistant steel products of the technical center. They actively coordinated the organization of materials, inspection equipment, and implementation of the process system. With the joint efforts of all of them, the ultimate thin + wide specification dump truck wear-resistant steel was successfully launched in the middle plate production line.
As a new army in the field of wear-resistant steel, Hegang Steel's wear-resistant steel marketing technology team actively explored the wear-resistant steel market in Liaoning, Shanxi, Shandong and other regions to deepen the docking of well-known coal mining machinery manufacturers and new energy equipment manufacturing. Enterprises and other needs, custom-made wear-resistant steel products for customers, enhance product market competitiveness. In the first half of the year, Hegang Steel successfully developed 16 new wear-resistant steel products and more than 10 customers, with a production capacity of 5 mm~60 mm wear-resistant steel. The products are used in bulldozer angle blades, dump truck U-shaped car body, scraping Plate conveyor, 3D printer casing and other wear-resistant parts, all kinds of wear-resistant steel production and sales of more than 6,000 tons.