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Restricted production has a good impact on the steel plate market

2019-12-29 09:57:31
From the production volume of Henan q345b steel plate these days, it can be seen that the untimely environmental protection is very significant for the small and medium-sized q345b steel plate production limit; in addition, although the q345b steel plate factory is qualified for environmental protection equipment, it has also continued to reduce output; it can be seen Come out.
The production of q345b steel plates in China is in a phased way to reduce the safety channel. Nowadays, the import volume of nodal ore has decreased, but it is still at a high level. The increase in cost may be the reason why large and medium-sized steel mills take the opportunity to limit production. In other words, the pressure of supply work is reduced, and the effect of generating support points for the price of q345b steel plate is very significant.
Although after the end of the year, the steel plate actually requires a significant reduction; the good news of the steel plate price brought about by major market news has prompted the steel plate price to decline.
From a comprehensive perspective, the phenomenon of frequent environmental hype among steel plate mills during the holiday season has increased, but the demand for Q235B steel plates has increased during the off-season and macro expected pressure. It is difficult for the total demand for q345b steel plates to improve significantly before the Spring Festival. Under the intensification of the contradiction of being limited and demanding a weakening, the pressure is once again under the downward pressure, and the disadvantages will stabilize during the festival. After the fake social inventory is large and difficult to digest, the backlog of q345b steel plate factory, environmental protection event speculation and its cost support points are weakening, the price of steel plate will be stable and controlled, and the price of q345b steel plate will not fluctuate greatly.
At the beginning of March 2020, the demand side of the q345b steel plate market may slowly show an upward trend, and Zhengzhou steel plate prices may rebound. Although the market's q345b steel plate inventory is still not falling, after the Lantern Festival, some spot construction site q345b steel plate trading requirements are gradually released, and the situation of supply and demand worsens or gradually eases. It is estimated that the domestic q345b steel plate price may be adjusted sideways again.