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Q355NHB Weathering Steel "Lifts Up" For Solar Energy

2019-09-30 10:55:16
Recently, Hegang successfully delivered 2000 tons of weathering steel Q355NHB specially developed by a well-known steel structure enterprise in Henan. The product performance indicators of the customer feedback meet the production requirements and can be used to manufacture solar photovoltaic supports.
It is understood that solar photovoltaic power generation equipment needs to adapt to the harsh and volatile environment. Solar photovoltaic supports have strict requirements on the production of raw materials, which not only require good formability of materials, but also weather resistance in weathering steels. Most of the traditional processes are coated with a coated plate, which has a series of problems such as high production cost and difficult equipment maintenance. Customers urgently need alternative materials to upgrade and improve their products.
In order to meet the needs of customers, Hegang's hot-rolled product production R&D team tailored its own production technology and operation plan, rationally designed the molten steel composition, added appropriate amount of copper and other corrosion-resistant elements, and precisely controlled TMCP (thermo-mechanical control). )scroll. The process and the production components of the 2.0 mm very thin gauge product included in the contract are individually designed. By optimizing the length of the slab, the precision of the rolling mill is improved, and the flattening process model is adjusted to meet the requirements of product shape and strength, and the development is successful. Special weathering steel Q355NHB is used for solar photovoltaic brackets.
As an emerging clean energy source, solar energy has many advantages. Coupled with the national support policy, China has formed a complete solar energy industry chain and has shown a good development trend. With the gradual expansion of solar equipment installation area and the rapid increase of laying speed, the demand for Q355NHB weathering steel for solar photovoltaic brackets will also increase sharply.