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Q345R Boiler Pressure Vessel Safety Use Common Sense

2019-09-30 10:49:36
Q345R boiler pressure vessel is a thermal energy equipment with high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the special equipments. It is widely used in business enterprises and all walks of life. It is a dangerous and special equipment. The following matters should be noted when using boilers.
The Q345R boiler pressure vessel shall be accompanied by the design documents required by the safety technical specifications, the product quality certificate, the safety and maintenance instructions, and the supervision and inspection certificate.
Installation, maintenance and renovation of the boiler. The unit engaged in the installation, maintenance and transformation of the Q345R boiler shall obtain the qualification for installation and maintenance of special equipment issued by the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau before it can engage in the installation, maintenance and transformation of the boiler. Before the construction, the construction unit will inform the municipality or the special equipment safety supervision and management department of the municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the construction, maintenance and transformation, and send the construction notice to the local county-level quality and technical supervision bureau for the record, and then notify the construction.
Acceptance of Q345R boiler installation, maintenance and renovation. After the completion of the construction, the construction unit shall report the water pressure test and installation supervision of the boiler to the Special Equipment Inspection Institute of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. After passing the qualification, the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the State Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and the County Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau will participate in the whole experience.
Inspection of the Q345R boiler. The boiler shall be inspected once a year, and boilers that have not been inspected safely shall not be used. The safety accessories of the boiler are regularly inspected once a year. The pressure gauges are checked once every six months. Safety accessories that have not been inspected regularly shall not be used.