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Q345qE Bridge Steel Plate Propped Up Phoenix Yellow River Bridge

2019-09-30 10:53:09
The Q345qE bridge plate is a special thick steel plate for the manufacture of bridge structural members. It is made of carbon steel and low alloy steel for special steel type bridge construction. The road bridge and railway bridge used for riveting and bolted structure include the sea-crossing bridge.
Recently, Shanggang's marketing company signed an order for more than 8,700 tons of bridge steel for the Jinan Phoenix Yellow River Bridge project, using the Q345qE bridge steel plate. It is reported that the Phoenix Yellow River Bridge is located in the eastern suburb of Jinan City, with a total length of 6,683 meters. The main bridge is a three-tower composite beam self-anchored suspension bridge with a span of 428 meters. After the completion, the main bridge and the levee position approach bridge are the first in the world of similar bridge type spans. It is expected that the bridge will be open to traffic in December 2021.