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Q345b steel plate market trend

2020-02-16 15:52:48
From the production volume of Q345b steel plates these days, it can be seen that the untimely environmental protection has limited the production of small and medium-sized q345b steel plates. In addition, q345b steel plates have continued to reduce production despite environmental protection equipment.
 2020 is the final year of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". Gradually complete 2,500 major towns, increase the construction of social housing, shantytown renovation, railway lines, and infrastructure construction of urban rail infrastructure.  Good news for the future.  Major steel mills are no longer engaged in price control in the short term, and are then controlled by market means. Increasing demand is the primary purpose.  Therefore, in the next two years, capital construction investment and real estate investment are the main demand points, so the amount of steel used will increase significantly.
 In addition, the repeated delays in the withdrawal of the current QE3 policy in the UK have entered the usual stage. Just beginning in January 2020, the QE3 business scale was reduced by 10 billion U.S. dollars, although the volume was not large, and the reduction in business scale will cause emerging economies including China  In the short term, bad news is harmful; in the long run, QE3's shrinking operation scale and even withdrawal indicate that the US economy is mainly improving, and it also reflects the improvement of the international economic situation at a certain level and it will be continued.
 Generally speaking, during the holiday season, many steel plant environmental protection issues frequently increase the phenomenon of frequent hype, but the demand for Q235B steel plate in the off-season superimposed macro expected pressure, before the Spring Festival, the total demand for q345b steel plate is difficult to improve significantly, steel plate prices in  Under the intensification of the contradiction of limited supply and weaker demand, the pressure was once again under downward pressure, and the disadvantages stabilized during the festival.  After the fake social inventory is relatively large and difficult to digest, the backlog of q345b steel plate factory, environmental protection event hype and its cost support points weaken, the price of steel plate will be stable and controlled, and the price of q345b steel plate will not fluctuate greatly.
 Most of the middle and lower reaches of the construction site started around the end of February or early March, and the demand side of the q345b steel plate market in early March may slowly show an upward trend.  Although the market's q345b steel plate inventory still does not fall, after the Lantern Festival and the Lantern Festival, some spot construction site q345b steel plate spot trading requirements are gradually released, the situation of supply and demand worsens or gradually eases to a certain extent.  It is estimated that the domestic q345b steel plate prices may be adjusted sideways again.