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Precision force 400 stainless steel

2019-10-14 16:08:41
Steel is an important pillar industry of the country and a supporting industry for the realization of a strong manufacturing country. After entering the new era, as the traditional steel industry encountered development problems, but in the view of Chairman Wang Yongsheng, with the help of the provincial platform, on the big stage of stainless steel, Taishan Iron and Steel has much to offer.
“Tradition does not mean backwardness. Traditional industries also have new technologies, new products, new models, new formats, and new growth points.” Chairman Wang Yongsheng said that Taishan Iron and Steel Group has resumed production for decades, from the initial ironmaking to steelmaking. In the past, the development of ordinary carbon steel to the current stainless steel is a road to industrial transformation, technological innovation and product upgrading.
After 50 years of development, Taishan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 4 million tons of fine sheet and strip and 1.8 million tons of stainless steel. It has high efficiency in stainless steel, carbon hot rolling and carbon cold rolling series. The energy-saving product cluster is the only whole-process chromium-based stainless steel production enterprise in the province and the largest and most competitive 400-series stainless steel production enterprise in the country.