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Original and simple natural beauty A588 weathering steel sculpture

2020-02-20 17:37:59
Located in the Wakatipu Basin in the southern Alps, the houses of Arrowtown rise from the landscape.  This weathering  steel private home has formed a series of spaces, like the rocky shapes of the surrounding area or the rusty gold mine ruins, according to the contours of the land, rather than modifying them, placed on the ground at different levels and angles  .
 The clients are artists, and they seek a house that is both "land" and natural sculpture.  Weathering steel sculptures just meet the needs of customers.  And weathering steel has been favored by designers due to its own advantages.
 These weathering steel spaces are strategically positioned in important mountains and surrounding landscapes, and are organized around an entrance weathering steel sculpture courtyard.  Children / guest rooms are separated from the rest of the weathering steel building and are located below the courtyard level.  The house is accessed from the front yard via a multiple front foyer that leads to the living room.  Outside the front hall is the "Glass House", a secondary, more obscure living space with an indoor / outdoor feel, with operable glass on three sides, connecting the stone schist-covered lounge to A588 weathering steel  master bedroom.
 Garages and living rooms are covered with local schist, just like a nearby miner's hut.  The exterior of the two-bedroom house is covered with A588 weathering steel, which refers to rusted steel sheds and gold mine ruins commonly found in downtown Otago.  This house attempts to be a background response that has changed both the human occupation of the land over the past centuries and the fascinating beauty of the wider natural landscape.
 The weathering steel plate blooms its own beauty in the hands of the designer, and also makes it integrate into our lives in an art form, letting us feel different beauty.