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NM450 Wear-Resistant Steel Plate Merger And Reorganization

2019-10-10 15:16:31
Wear-resistant steel plate in the modern commodity economy, especially in the futures market, the Angang wear-resistant steel plate market determines the belief is very important, and sometimes has a significant impact. Since the beginning of this year, the price of China's Angang wear-resistant steel plate has continued to decline, and it has continued to hit a new low. The indecent consumption is regarded as the actual consumption demand. The strong export is regarded as the consumption deduction point, seriously underestimating the actual steel consumption in China. The market was frustrated and the air was soaring, causing the price of wear-resistant steel plates of Anshan Iron and Steel to fall too much. Although the current policy of steady increase is slowly exerting force, the situation of serious capital is still in need of attention for the release level of the demand for wear-resistant steel plates of Jinjiuyin and Shi'an Steel. The profitability led to the positive promotion of Angang NM450 wear-resistant steel plate, and the market capital supply pressure was difficult to ease; the steel social inventories continued to decline, but the unblocked reservoirs weakened the inventory backlog of steel mills, and the price of iron ore fell, and the cost support weakened.
Under the situation that the profitability of Angang NM450 wear-resistant steel plate enterprises is low and the capital chain of the department enterprises presents problems, the window period for advancing the merger and reorganization of steel enterprises has arrived. In the future, the opportunities for the merger and reorganization of Angang's wear-resistant steel plate enterprises may appear frequently. How to seize opportunities and abolish obstacles, it is extremely urgent to promote the merger and reorganization of steel enterprises.