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NM450 Wear-resistant Steel Composite Board Process

2019-09-28 13:55:33
There are many kinds of surface processing methods for NM450 wear resistant steel. One is polishing, and the disc-shaped cloth which uniformly rubs the adhesive is laminated into a roll shape, and is rotated for polishing. This polishing is mainly for imparting gloss to the product, and since the grinding property is low, the rough surface should be sufficiently removed in advance when processed by the above process.
Wear resistant steel is used only in the state of degreasing for cold rolling because it is not annealed, and is mainly used as a spring and a high-strength material, and embossing of a roller having irregularities is also one. Wear resistant steel must be subjected to pre-coating treatment for coating processing, pre-treatment is to carry out chemical conversion treatment, and secondly, base color is applied. The surface coating uses a silicon-modified acrylic paint, a silicone denatured polyester paint, a fluorine paint, and a silicon paint.
Wear resistant steel itself has excellent corrosion resistance, so plating is rarely used to improve corrosion resistance, but plating has sometimes been used for decoration. In the case of wear resistant steel plating, the passivation film is first removed and its regeneration must be prevented.