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New China's first low-alloy high-strength bridge

2019-10-11 14:32:01
The main problem in the production of this kind of low-alloy high-strength bridge plate is that it is not familiar enough with the performance of manganese steel, and the concentrated performance rate at the yield point is too low to meet the delivery conditions. According to the technical standard, the yield point of the bridge plate is greater than or equal to 35 kg, and nearly half of the yield point of the large-scale production of Angang is lower than the standard 1 kg to 1.5 kg.
At that time, the relevant leaders of Angang Steel held a one-stop discussion on the key issues, and after finding out the crux of the problem, they adopted a series of improvement measures. With the active cooperation and cooperation of the relevant units and departments, the semi-continuous rolling mill, as the finished delivery unit, finally completed the glorious task of feeding the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge after more than four months of hard work, which was the largest in China at that time. The construction of the bridge laid the material foundation. The 16Mn high-strength bridge plate produced by Anshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. filled a national gap and won the first prize of the national new product in 1964.