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Low-alloy High-strength Steel Plate Variety Steel Research And Development

2019-10-08 14:52:27
Since 2019, Fangda Jiugang has developed and produced various types of steel as an important means to increase the added value of products and increase the efficiency. According to market demand, we have established a joint production system for steel production, sales and research, and vigorously organized research and development of new varieties of steel, and actively developed high value-added. Up to now, more than 10 new varieties such as Q345GJB, Q345GJC, Q345D and Q345R have been developed. Among them, the cumulative production of steel in the first half of the year is 50,642.29 tons, and the newly added benefit is about 3.7 million yuan. Effectiveness and core competitiveness.
At present, the research and development and sales of Fangda Jiugang Steel have achieved fruitful results. In July, Fangda Jiugang successfully developed new varieties of steel - Q355NC, Q355ND normal-fired rolled steel, and successfully won the competition with some old-fashioned plate enterprises, winning more than 1,000 tons of product purchase and sales contracts, the steel The kind is mainly used for the production of tunneling machine, which realizes the breakthrough of “zero” in the sales of “steeling steel for shield machine”.
In addition, the company successfully developed Q420B and Q420C low-alloy high-strength structural steel. It took only 18 days from development, production to sales. It not only filled the blank of the company without high-strength structural plates, but also further enhanced the market competition of enterprises. force.