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Knowledge of plate processing

2020-02-11 15:16:43
"The recent weather has a lot of freezing power. Do you miss the warm days? You want to persuade the weather to shake again, but the weather is shouting at you. This kind of request is closed, and I will also shake when the snow comes."  The northern part of our country was hit by cold air.  Snowstorms are coming in many areas. Are plate processing not considered for arrangement?
 Since the processing of medium and thick plates is mentioned, laser processing has to be mentioned. As a more advanced method of cutting medium and thick plates, the method of laser cutting of medium and thick plates has been used by more and more processing manufacturers in production and processing.  With the continuous development of computer technology and optical technology, people's expectations for laser cutting are getting higher and higher.
 In the 1980s, laser processing manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries began to put forward specific quality requirements for steel production, so they were born from the application of expensive laser steel that is different from ordinary steel.  After the laser processing cutting method is gradually accepted by the public, laser professional materials for ordinary steel plates below 25 mm are used as standard materials.  Due to the rapid development of our country, steel production cannot adapt to its pace, so the theory of Chinese steel and imported steel appeared.  The main difference between the two lies in the series of effects of the impurity content of steel on the surface treatment, transportation, and storage of steel, which has also caused the current status of our country's sheet metal cutting difficulties.
 During the processing of domestic medium and heavy plates, due to stability problems, processing defects often occur in local areas.  This phenomenon sometimes occurs randomly, and even if the machine is in good condition at the time, it may also cause undesirable phenomena.  In order to deal with local fault products, it will have a greater impact on the overall work progress.  In order to ensure the stability during the processing of medium and thick plates, and effectively improve the operating speed of the processing machine, most laser cutting machines adopt the structure of the flying path, that is, the material tray does not move and the processing head moves throughout the processable area.
 At present, China's crude steel output not only ranks first in the world, but also accounts for more than 50% of global output.  In order to save costs, many developing countries and even some developed countries such as Australia and South Korea are also using Chinese plate materials in large quantities.  Therefore, we must explore harder, continuously update the laser cutting processing technology, take every problem in the processing of plate processing seriously, study the mechanism of laser cutting, and find a solution to the problem of processing plate processing.
 Let China's board cutting technology continue to advance, let China continue to go international, to innovation and development, and let the world applaud China.