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Is hot rolled coil carbon steel

2020-04-08 17:13:22
First of all, let me talk about what hot rolled coils are.  What is a carbon steel plate?
Carbon steel plate is also called carbon steel plate. The main thing is that the mass fraction is lower than 2.11% and it does not include the alloy steel added intentionally.  Sometimes referred to as plain carbon steel or carbon steel.  In addition to carbon, the components of carbon steel usually contain a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus.  Carbon steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel according to the quality of the steel.  Carbon steel can be divided into carbon steel and carbon tool steel according to their main uses.
 Carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel according to the composition (that is, the carbon content).  Carbon steel can be divided into hot rolled steel plates and cold rolled steel plates according to the processing technology.  The main material of carbon steel plate is Q235B steel plate (for details, understand Q235B steel plate enters Zherui Steel)
 So what is hot rolled steel?  Hot-rolled steel plates use rolled steel slabs or preliminary rolled slabs as raw materials, are heated by a step-type heating furnace, are descaled by high-pressure water, and then enter the roughing mill. The rough rolling material is cut into the head, tail, and then into the finishing mill, using a computer program Regulating rolling, after the final rolling, it is laminar cooled and coiled by a coiler to become a straight hair coil.
The head and tail of straight hair curls are usually tongue-shaped and fish-tail-shaped, with thin thickness and weak width precision. The edges often have shortcomings such as wave shape, bend, and tower shape.  The coil weight is too heavy, and the coil inner diameter is 760mm.  Straighten the coil after cutting, trimming, trimming, and multiple straightening, straightening, and finishing lines, and then cut or rewind the coil to become: hot-rolled steel plate, flattened hot-rolled steel coil ,Slitting tape and other products.
If the hot-rolled finishing roll is acid-passivated to remove oxide scale and oil, it will become a hot-rolled pickled plate roll.  This product has a tendency to replace the cold-rolled steel sheet with a local cloth. The price is moderate and it is very popular with many customers.  Mainly used in the production of steel structural parts, highway bridges, ship parking, and cars.
The above is the summary of the differences between carbon steel and hot rolled steel for everyone.