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Introduction to the performance characteristics of wear-resistant steel plates

2021-06-01 17:09:55
The wear-resistant steel plate has good connection performance, because the base material of the wear-resistant steel plate is ordinary Q235 steel plate, which ensures the toughness and plasticity of the wear-resistant steel plate. If the wear-resistant steel plate provides the strength to resist external forces, it can be connected with other structures by various methods such as welding, plug welding, bolt connection, etc., the connection is firm, not easy to fall off, and the connection methods are more than other materials.
Wear-resistant steel plates have good selection properties. Because wear-resistant steel plates choose different thickness base materials, and then surfacing alloy wear-resistant layers of different layers and thicknesses, steel plates of different thicknesses and different purposes can be obtained, and the maximum thickness can reach more than 30 mm.
Wear-resistant steel plates also have good processing properties. Wear-resistant steel plates can be processed into different specifications and sizes according to requirements, and can be processed, cold-formed, welded, bent, etc., which are convenient to use. In addition, the wear-resistant steel plates can be tailor-welded and formed on-site, which makes maintenance and replacement work time-saving and convenient, and greatly reduces work intensity.
The last thing to say is that wear-resistant steel plates have a very high cost performance. The price of wear-resistant steel plates is higher than that of ordinary materials, but considering the service life of the product, comprehensive consideration of maintenance costs, spare parts costs and downtime losses, the performance-to-price ratio of wear-resistant steel plates is much higher than that of ordinary steel plates and other materials.
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