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Increase the proportion of steel plates such as bridge steel

2019-10-22 09:20:56
The sales volume of Baotou Steel's external raft exceeded 4 million tons, reaching 4.106 million tons, an increase of 95,500 tons. At the same time, the sales volume of variety steels has increased at the same time, and the sales of “quality” and “quantity” of foreign sales have been doubled.
Since the beginning of this year, Baogang has played a leading role in sales and guided the transformation of product structure; channel optimization as a breakthrough, vigorously developed direct supply users, and steadily expanded sales channels; continuously strengthened sales management and training, and continuously improved sales of sales personnel. And service level.
While increasing sales volume, Baotou Steel continued to increase the sales of variety steel, optimized and adjusted the variety structure, and continuously increased the proportion of automobile steel, home appliance board, pipeline steel, bridge steel and other varieties of steel sales, driving the overall efficiency.
The varieties of steel products have been applied to the “Kizil Orda-Astana” natural gas pipeline project of PetroChina Kazakhstan, Sinopec Guangxi LNG project, the supporting road upgrading project of Xi'an Sports Center of National Games, and the underground pipe corridor project of Xiong’an New District. Major construction projects such as the Xi'an New District High-speed Railway Station and the Tiananmen New China 70-year Daqingguan Platform project, the market share of high-end products increased and the market influence of Baotou Steel brand was enhanced.