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I-beam returned with a thief, what is this fairy operation?

2019-11-25 13:51:23
The I-beam was stolen, and it came back quietly, and brought back the thief. What is this operation? Zherui Steel takes everyone to see the two "singular men" who steal the chickens instead of eclipsing the rice. As the saying goes, not afraid of thieves stealing is afraid of thieves, this is not, Yajiang County, a company worth 150,000 I-beam has been remembered, the original steel has been lost, but a dramatic scene came, it came back with a thief, This is how it happened?
Recently, the Interpol Brigade of the Yajiang County Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province received a report from a company employee that the company’s dozens of “I-beams” placed in Tang Russian Village of Malangcho Township were stolen, with a total value of about 15 Ten thousand yuan. In addition, employees said that they had seen the steel last time half a month ago. After receiving the alarm, the Ya'an County Criminal Police Brigade quickly set up a task force to conduct case analysis and research. However, due to the fact that the case was located in a remote village, the time of committing the crime could not be determined, which led to a stalemate in the case.
When the police were unable to do anything, the case suddenly turned around and the dramatic scene appeared. The stolen I-beam turned back to the crime scene. What kind of fairy operation? The police once again investigated the case. After ten days of reconnaissance and analysis, they finally locked in a group of people and a certain person. They were suspected of committing a crime. The police then arrested the two and successfully arrested them.
According to the suspect's account, on the day of the incident, the two found that the "I-beam" placed on the roadside was left unattended, so they began to steal. After the investigation of the scene, the two carried out a detailed plan and carried out the theft on the evening of October 22. Subsequently, the two men transported the stolen I-beams to the scrap metal company in Tianquan County, Ya'an City, and finally made a profit of 26,600 yuan. Soon after, the two heard that the public security organs were fully investigating the case, and they were afraid of it. They then turned back the sales location and bought the previously sold I-beam at a price of 31,600 yuan, and spent 4,800 yuan on transportation. The fee will return the I-beam to the location of the crime. At present, the two suspects in the case have been criminally detained and the case is under further investigation.
Zherui Steel only wants to say that the roadside steel is not to be squandered. The gentleman loves money and has a good value. I hope everyone can take the precautions and not be confused by the small profits.