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How to quickly cut steel plate

2020-04-28 15:08:19
Zherui Steel is a diversified company involved in steel trade, import and export trade, logistics and transportation. The company deals in the sale and cutting of weathering steel, wear-resistant plates, ship plates, and plate. So today, Zherui Steel will share how to cut steel plate with high quality and fast.
First, choose good equipment. Steel plate processing often requires equipment with extremely strong cutting capabilities to deal with unusually hard metal materials. Generally used equipment: CNC cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines and other advanced processing equipment. According to the specific situation specific analysis.
Secondly, in the steel plate cutting process, whether to perform steel plate processing or steel plate cutting first. Here, the editor of Zherui Steel can definitely tell you that in the steel plate cutting process, the processing is performed first and then the steel plate is cut, because the steel plate is cut after cutting and scribing.

Finally, the steel plate should prevent overheating. Because the steel plate is easily deformed, it will be difficult when drilling. To prevent overheating, it is best to spray oil on the processing surface. In the process of steel plate processing, there are some links that need to be welded, so we must pay attention to the proper adjustment of the current size of the welding machine. In the process of steel plate processing, the surface of the cutting props will be combined with other materials to form alloy materials, which makes the props easy to rust. If possible, try to add an anti-oxidation film or anti-oxidation film to it.

For customers who have troubles in the processing and cutting of steel plates, you may wish to read this article, hoping to help you. If you have a need for steel plate, please call to consult.