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How to promote the development of steel structure housing

2019-10-25 15:27:05
Why do you want to propose a pilot of a steel structure? Because in the process of industrialization of construction, the current construction market, large-scale, wide-ranging or urban residential market, accounts for 60% to 70% of the entire new building area. In this large-scale and wide-ranging residential area, it is very important to promote the prefabricated construction of the construction industry.
Pilot work From now on, all six provinces have proposed a series of development goals for steel-structured houses, ways to achieve them, and some policy measures. It should be said that the plans are very specific and the measures are clear. But the steel-structured residential pilot does not require us to get up to speed immediately. I understand that the Ministry of Housing and Construction has carried out pilot work. In fact, through the demonstration effect of the pilot, we have introduced a mature technology system and introduced a mature product system. This path is very clear. The purpose of the pilot is to give play to the basic conditions of these provinces. In some provinces, the amount of steel produced is very large. How to use these steel structure capacity in the steel structure residential area, which has a good effect on the production capacity.
In understanding the pilot work, the attitude must be very positive first, the second requires a solid job, and the third is to solve the future development of the product through the market. At the same time, through the publicity and education in the pilot process, the advantages of steel-structured houses can be brought out.
The advantages of steel-structured houses, many of our consumers and society do not necessarily fully understand, such as the advantage of good earthquake resistance, can only be reflected when the earthquake is coming. For example, the advantage that materials can be recycled can only be reflected when the building is demolished. For example, green construction, high degree of industrialization, the advantages brought by the factory production and on-site assembly to the environment and ecology are invisible to consumers.